Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crazy week

The weather this week has been a bear and driving a real challenge. I started out to Erie on Tuesday but did not make it. I could not see anything so turned around and went home. The next days were awful for driving and that stresses me out a lot! So not much has happened in my goal of finishing projects as I wasexhausted when I got home. I put my feet up in front of the fireplace and "thawed out" for the evening!
 I did get all of the fiber spun that I showed you last time. I am eager to start the hat but have been working on knitting a hat from one of the crazy batts. I am using double pointed needles and 4 of them. I am used to using three but having to work around 4 has been a bit different. I am at the point of shaping the crown so hope to get it done soon! It's taking me a bit longer because as I go, if yarn is too thick, I draft it out if I can. I am able to do that because I have lightly spun the original strand and not plyed it with anything else. This batt had more "crazy" stuff in it....I really love it.

Well off to create!

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