Saturday, January 12, 2013

Week-end project...I think!

I have my yarn all spun for my one pound scarf. It is a relatively loosely spun single that I carried along a strand of gold glitter. Some parts got really too thick but I am going to go with it anyway. I feel that the scarf will not be as long as pattern indicates but that is OK. I am not using the right size needles either! I will be using size 17 needle. The pattern also said to cast on 10 stitches but that looks to be too narrow with the size 17 needles. So I am going to start over and cast on 12. Then you K1, P1, K1 across every row until the end. So will start that tonight and work on it while watching TV with my hubby. I am sure this is a weekend project.

For those wondering....I have not abandoned my vest. I am still searching for the right pattern. I had one picked out but on second thought I really did not like it. So will keep searching!

Happy Creating,

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