Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend scarf done!

Here it is! I think it can be done in a week end but it did take me longer. It went really fast with the larger size needles. It did not come out to 88" long. I thought maybe I spun it too thick but then decided to weigh it. My one pound batt turned out to be just under 130z. However, it is so bulky that I don't think it really needs to be much longer. It has some flexibility and can stretch out a little to make it more narrow. Overall I am please with it and it was a great way to use up a lot of fiber at one time!

Now I am onto another project. I was at home and didn't feel like going over to the studio to get some fiber. I was in the mood to spin some more. So I looked around my sewing room. Surely I must have some fiber somewhere in here that I can use! Well, of course I found some batts I had ordered from a gal in Oregon. She makes art batts and calls herself Hanks in the Hood....she lives near Mt. Hood.Check out her etsy store . I had 4-3oz batts just waiting to be spun up. I am spinning another single bulky as I want to make another hat. This time with a brim.

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