Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First project of the new year...Crazy Batts!

It took some time, with all the choices I had at my fingertips, but I finally decided on my first project. I had carded some "crazy batts" earlier in the week. These are batts that are like making Dad's stew! This was a time when we were kids that Dad would take all the left overs from the fridge and  make a soup. If you really thought about it, it should be disgusting but somehow Dad put his magic on it and we loved it! Well for the Crazy batts I start out with some base material. In this case I had a Finn batt leftover from wet felting. I make a fiber sandwich by putting a layer of the wool down first. Then I added the fixings which were other colors of wool, angelina fibers, bits of sari silk threads. Then I put another layer of the wool on top. I ran this through my carder. I let it go through without disturbing my bits too much. Then I spun a thick and thin single letting the bits and chunks come out as they want. What fun!

So I what to do? It had to be something small as I only had 58yds of yarn. A cap or beanie type hat would work up nicely. I am going to crochet it. I like to crochet with this bulky yarn better then knitting it.

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