Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Machine needlefelting

To make needlefelting easier for large pieces I use my embellisher form Babylock. I have one with 12 needles. I can adjust how many needles I want to use at a time. To do the large pieces that I a working on for my vests I use all 12 needles. It is so fast! I am amazed at how quickly I can lay down fiber on a piece of stabilizer. The stabilizer I am using is Vileen. It is washable in either cold or warm water depending on what you are using the fabric for. In the case of my vest pieces I rinsed them with a little bit of dawn dish soap and warm water. The stabilizer came right out and it does not leave a sticky residue. The pieces I did last weekend are now ready for construction.

I had to break my second rule and purchase some outside materials. In all of my stash I did not have any lining fabric for the vest. I could have used some silk, but also I did not have a color I could make work. So I did purchase some lining and fusible interfacing. I will have enough now to complete another garment.

Next step, cut out the pieces and see how it all sews together!

Happy Creating!

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