Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another frigid day!

Another chilly day although the sun has just come out. I have been grounded today as my car won't start. I could put the battery charger on but can't get the hood of my car open because it is frozen shut. The vehicle has been sitting outside since I had my knee replacement. So I guess that means I am to stay home and be creative! What to do??? That is the question. So many projects I could do but overwhelmed with ideas! I think this cold weather has frozen my creativity. Everything I have started I do not like or don't know where to go next. So here we are....sitting at the computer. Not always the most productive place to be. There is lots of inspiration and you would think that would be a good thing! However, it too can be overwhelming because you see so many things you want to do and yet don't have time to. Well maybe I will finish a shawl I started on the 5 ft loom. Or maybe I will finish putting together a hat from some felt I made. Or...maybe I will finish my snowman quilt! Stay tuned to find out. Keep safe and warm!

Happy Creating :-)