Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Doggie Bootie

I have digressed from my usual projects. Our dog Teddy has a sore on his front paw. It is on the pad...kinda like a brush burn. The vet said there is no infection but he is walking on it like we would in our bare feet. So I needed to get him a doggie bootie. My husband asked "Can't you make one?" Well...I said...probably. So off to the internet I went in search of a pattern. Well....there are lots of patterns, as one would expect from the internet. The first one was sewn and make out of felt. It was fair but having a hard time staying on. It didn't help that our other dog, Ebby, a black lab, kept untying it and trying to pull it off. It was drying on the register one day and she took it and chewed it up. so I made another was too long and I had to modify it. IT works fair.  I decided to crochet him one. It is OK....I need to modify it somewhat. Here are some pictures of him in his COOL boot.....However, he does not think it is cool!

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