Friday, March 14, 2008

More about me...

Well I told you that I learned to knit when I was in third grade. After taking home ec in high school I was hooked on making clothes and did so for most of my high school years. All my money went into fabric and thread. I guess I got an early start on creating a stash. My dream was to alway have my own dress shop with my own designs. Well quite a few years later I have a shop but it is a fiber art shop. I never thought I would have a shop where there would be spinning, weaving, felting and every kind of supply imaginable to create just about anything your heart desires. I do not have sheep as yet but my husband has not said no!!!!I was asked recently if I ever feel like just going to the shop and playing. I said ABSOLUTELY!!! and in fact just that week I had let myself grab and take whatever I needed just like the designers on Project Runway! I have become so addicted to that show. So my dream is becoming reality slow but sure and I am doing some designing and will share some work with you soon. Well off to create something! Anita

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