Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bags and more bags

Good Morning! Well I am on a roll with making purses and bags of all kinds. I just finished another knitted bag that I will felt today! This one will be fairly large. Big bags seem to be in style right now. Here is one of my knit/felted bags:

I am having fun though and the ideas keep coming...sometimes faster then I can keep up with my hands. My brain feels on overload sometimes...but I wouldn't have it any other way. Right now I am making a group of small purses that I think young girls would like. I get to use a lot of fun fabric for those bags. I have been using my embellisher to needlefelt different things to bags. Here is a small one that I did with felt I made myself and then dyed it with koolaid. After I needlefelted yarns onto it and made a small little clutch:

Neelefelting can be used to make wall art like the small wallhanging that is in my header.I took pieces of wool batting and roving and needled them on in a random fashion I used silk organza to make the flowers and stems. I finished up with some thread painting. The fun was in adding the embellishments. I call this Grandfathers Flower Garden. My grandfather had the best roses in the county! Here is closeup of the flowers in this piece.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work as much as I did creating it! Have a great to make more purses.
Happy Creating!

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Anonymous said...

I Love blogging and I am sure that you will too. Your work is beautiful!!!!! You have much to be proud of. I'll be looking for more stuff on your blog.
If you get a chance, you can check mine out at:
Have fun and happy felting!