Monday, August 11, 2014

A new Journey!

This month I start on a new journey. I closed my retail store in Pittsfield and will move to selling online. It is something very new to me. In the store will be yarns, fiber, and my one of a kind felted art. The new website is being created and I will provide updates soon! In the mean time I am packing and organizing all my product. WOW! what a job. With every ball of yarn I pick up I see a new projects. Color combinations I never thought of spring to mind! I can't wait to get into my newly remodeled studio and play. Many of my customers have asked about the studio and if I would sell or have classes there. Yes, I will hold classes and they will be updated as I know them. I hope to have an open house for those interested in the new studio in October. That seems like a long way off but there is much work to yet be done!!!

For now here are a few of my favorite pieces I have made in the past. I hope to have new work soon!

Happy Creating!


Coralee said...

Congratulations and Good Luck!! I'm excited for you and look forward to the open house.

Anita Hotchkiss said...

Thanks Coralee! I am looking into putting some yarns on in the future too. Lots of opportunities out there.

Karen Pfeffer said...

Congratulations! I am working on a wool project I picked up in your shop! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas. See you in Chautauqua!

Anita Hotchkiss said...

Can't wait to show you some new stuff at Chautauqua! It's just your kind of project, Karen.