Monday, June 30, 2014

A felting makeover

A couple of months ago I started this felted picture with the idea I wanted to create a forsythia bush. I got started and then got busy doing other things. Yesterday I got it out and I was no longer inspired by it. So I did some research on landscapes in my books and other tutorials and got out my wools....Not the best day yesterday to work with wool! It was hot and sticky and I felt I was wet felting it as I went instead of just needle felting. Had to take several breaks just to let my hands dry out! LOL....

                                                         This is what it was before:

                   This is what it was by 9pm last night. I think I am happy with it :-)

That's the beauty of working with wool. If you don't like it, just pull it off before you felt it real good and change what you don't like. This still needs some more felting but I like how it looks now.
Happy Creating!

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