Thursday, May 24, 2012

Busy for the summer!

My teaching responsibilites are on a limited basis now for the summer and that gives me more time to be at the shop. I just purchased 5 new wool fleeces that I will have washed and then decide if I want to dye them or work with them in the natural color. Touching the fiber has gotten my spinning desire going again and I brought my wheel to the shop. I am setting up on the porch with my glass of lemonade and it is very relaxing! I get into such a rhythm that I can put myself to sleep...haha...I have started a yarn and fiber group the second tuesday of the month. Last month I had one spinner come. She has ignited the spinning laying dormant in others in the group, including me. It will be interesting to see if anyone brings their wheel in June. Off to the porch and my spinning.

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