Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's my birthday!

I have been very lax on keeping updated here. So being my birthday I thought today was a good day to start new. Since my last post I moved the shop to Pittsfield and share and old housewith a quilt shop. It is working out very nicely. my yarns, fibers and hand dyed wools fit in great. It makes for a nice fit. Right now I am working on wool applique samples and thought designing some new pillows would be nice. Pillows are quick and easy and nice to change out with the seasons. As soon as I have one I will put a picture up. I decided to do some things for myself!!! What a great idea. so I am making a piece from the Arabella collection from Pat Sloan--Bella's Blooms. I am goint to change out some of the applique pieces for my hand dyed wool. It will look great in my living room. I need an up date and the bright colors of this collection will be great. Well off to get ready for my birthday cookout.

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