Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quilt show 2008


I belong to a quilt guild called the Happy Scrappers. We are having our quilt show this weekend and oh MY...what beautiful work there is!!! We have is every other year so there is time to build up a stash of quilts, wallhangings and wearable art. The workmanship this year was outstanding. We usually have some type of guild challenge for the show and then there is viewers choice on the work. This year the challenge was using the log cabin block somehow in the piece and then applique. Of course with my love of wool, I knew immediately that it would be appliqued in wool. I had this vision of a fish pond. so I made one big log cabin block with white on one side for the sky and blue water on the other for the pond. I added a extra pieces to each end to get the length I wanted and then just had fun with the applique. There were 16 entries in this category and I am proud to say that I place SECOND!!! You can see the piece below. I am so excited that I placed. Now I have to decide where I want to hang it! I also entered another piece and it placed FIRST!!! This piece also placed first at our local county fair. That piece is going to hang in my office at the University. I have had lots of compliments on the color choices. Well off to the second day of the show!

Have a great day!

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